A house or a flat?

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A house or a flat?
A lot of people ask this question to themselves when they decide to acquire the accommodation. And this choice is not so easy. We should take into account all pros and cons to be confident, that we actually have chosen right variant. As for me, I live in a flat and I can’t say that I like it so much. There is not enough space; from time to time the neighbors make too much noise, disturb you. And what is the most important you don’t feel independence in the flat. Everything outside your threshold is state ownership and you can’t do what you want. Living in a block of flats also has positive aspects, for ex. when you have some problems the neighbours can help you, you shouldn’t repair the roof and the fence. But I have already answered this question. If I have a chance I will definitely choose private house. Your own yard with cosy garden, where you can have a barbecue, fireplace in the living room. What can be better? Only swimming pool and why not, it’s also real when you live in detached house. Living in private house means, that you can have a lot of pets, spend much more time outdoors. It’s great I think and even a lot of work around the house is nothing when we compare it with freedom, independence and big variety of possibilities which private house gives to you. You know that your car is always at hand and you shouldn’t worry that smb damage it, trying to find the place for parking. You can play with your children invite your friends and don’t worry that your neighbours will complain that you made too much noise. You can gardening, of course, if you like it. You can do everything you want, within reasonable limits. So I think house is much better than flat. I know, tastes differ, but I prefer house to flat. I can’t confidently say that I will live in a house, but I’ll try to turn this dream into reality.
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