What Are the Skills and Work Habits of Effective Marketing Managers?

Topics: Marketing, Marketing management, India Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: May 14, 2012
What are the skills and work habits of effective marketing managers? Marketing manager possibly is an essential position which could lead businesses to their goals. Because they will perform marketing strategies, do analysis consumers data, create sale promotions to encourage sales. As a result, every company would be likely to have an efficient marketing manager to work for them. There are a number of different skills a marketing manager such as wide awareness and business and product understanding, creativity and also capable problem solving, empathy and customer services focus, analysis skills, good communication and willing to learn, flexibility and adaptability, and so on (Gray et al. 2007; Melaia, Abratt & Bick 2008). For work habits that effective marketing managers should have during performing their job, in my opinion, awareness is likely to be one important skill to be good managers. This because if they could work with awareness, this means that they would pay attention in every details; for example, culture awareness, because of various cultures in each country in the world, marketing managers could concern and focus in detail. Since in some country such as India which has many religions that Indian people respect. In my experience, I found that McDonalds could do its marketing well in India because this company sells its products by concerning in Indian culture carefully, McDonalds sells its products with no beef and it then could achieve and have market shares in Indian food industry. Moreover, I think that the marketing managers of McDonalds could have not only awareness, but also analysis skill, an ability to understand customers’ needs and behaviors and good communication with people as well because they would have to do some researches about Indians and they then analyse what people believes and needs and launch its products to sell in India. Due to McDonalds’s success in Indian food industry, marketing managers could be persons who...
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