Topics: X86 virtualization, Computer, Information technology Pages: 6 (3094 words) Published: January 22, 2015
Thesis statement:
Virtualization is a much more efficient way to handle and maintain the network infrastructure because it allows you to allocate resources as needed, have a smaller energy footprint, and manage the network in a very simplified way. Wang, J. W. (2010). A low-overhead networking mechanism for virtualized high-performance computing systems. Springer Science Business Media, According to an article written by Jang (2010), virtualizing and consolidating existing server nodes into fewer physical nodes, greater network efficiency was achieved. The author displayed this by implementing this into an existing infrastructure and recording the results of the changes with several stress tests done to the new infrastructure. The platform used for this experiment was Xen desktop. (Jang 2010). The author is credible because he holds a doctorate in computer science and is a professor at the Korea advanced Institute of science and technology. He also holds a Masters in computer science with a specialization in P2P, grid computing, network optimization and operating systems. This article is credible because the research is presented as a case study in which they test out the efficiency of the new virtualized infrastructure on one of the main hypervisors used in virtualization technology. The evidence used in this article is relevant and the author’s experimentation is the support that backs up this evidence. The researchers also supported by the Korea science and engineering foundation grant funded by the Korean government. The information is article would be used to highlight the advantages of virtualization in a big network setting.

Shou, T. S. (2011). Development of an intrusion detection and prevention course project using virtualization technology. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology, 7(2), 46-55. According to an article written by Chou (2011) a virtual network lab was constructed at East Carolina University to help students work and practice on intrusion detection and prevention. This was done because a virtual lab gave the students and network administrators a much more user-friendly and efficient environment. The virtual network environment allowed the students to each have their own workspace that replicated a network, thus giving them a real-world environment for them to experiment in. (Chou 2011). The author is credible because he holds a doctorate in electrical engineering from Florida international University. He is currently an assistant professor at Indiana State University specializing in digital communication. The article is a quality source of information because the international Journal of Education and Development using Information Communication Technology is a valued E Journal in the technology and communication field. The study is a quality source of information about the advantages that virtualization brings different types of settings. The information found in this article will be used to highlight the scalability that virtualization brings in how its efficiency over physical machines is an improvement. (Chou 2011).

Yoo, S. (2012). Economic analysis of cloud-based desktop virtualization implementation at a hospital. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making,12(119), Retrieved from According to an article written by Yoo (2012) a hospital in Korea implemented a virtual desktop infrastructure into their facility and they conducted a 5 year economic analysis to see how the virtualization could possibly end up saving them money. The author presents the information for statistical analysis and graphs that show how much money they can save based on the amount of virtual machines they choose to implement. (Yoo, 2012). The publication is a good source of information because the BMC Medical Informatics & Decision Making journal is a highly regarded peer-reviewed journal that only publishes work...
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