Violent Movies Should Be Banned

Topics: Entertainment, Time, Crime Pages: 1 (163 words) Published: November 17, 2014

Violent movies should be banned

Violent movies have entertained those who watch television for a long period of time. However these genres are encouraging bad behaviour especially in young children. So they must be banned. Young children and teenagers that enjoy watching violent movies are most certainly at risk of following the actions they see on television. This definitely can affect their later life as they could become criminals or get involved in brawls. Banning violent movies are not only great for children and parents; they can dramatically reduce the number of crimes and even death on our streets all over the world. This will mean citizens will feel much safer on the street, especially at night. In conclusion we must ban violent movies for not only children but for citizens. Violent movies can be extremely dangerous turning those with good behaviour to bad. We must increase the protection for children and teenagers so this generation and those following can be safe places.
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