Unusual Hobbies

Topics: Extreme ironing, Ironing, Extreme sport Pages: 3 (854 words) Published: April 13, 2013
The most Unusual Hobbies in the World.

What is a hobby? Passion? Work? Holiday? Or all together? Hobby is what a person likes to do in his spare time. Many people spend a lot of time and money for their hobby, but for someone a hobby is like a profession. And it even become a way of making money. The human imagination is truly boundless: people come up with all kinds of ideas and they do not hesitate to put them into practice. Here are the examples of the most unusual hobbies in the world.

2)If your really looking for a challenging hobby you might try micro-sculpting. Williard Wigan an artist from the United Kingdom is able to create sculptures so small they can fit in the easily into the eye of a needle or on the head of a pin. With the assistance of a microscope he has turned what was initially a hobby into a multi-million dollar career. By the way, he uses a small hair from a dead fly as a paint brush. Wigan sold his lifes collection made before 2008 for 20 million dollars to a private collector.

3-4) There are extreme sports of all kinds, so a knitwear factory worker in the United Kingdom wondered, why not ironing? Phil Shaw thus invented extreme ironing, involving ironing in extreme outdoor locations. He’s done it on top of a snow-covered mountain, under water, in the desert … anywhere he can set up his ironing board. Unless the iron is battery operated, however, wouldn’t he need an electrical outlet as well? Shaw says it takes stamina, athletic prowess and finesse to be able to iron properly under such extreme conditions.

5) Chuck Lamb, 47 aka The Dead Body Guy probably has the world's strangest hobby: he likes to play dead. As if that's not enough, he takes it one step further: he takes photos and videos of himself playing dead and posts them on his website, starting in 2005. These bizarre actions have attracted 32 million hits to his website by its 1st anniversary, and several newsprint, TV and radio appearances. But what is his motivation?...
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