Universal Health Care in the United States

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Universal Health Care in the United States
Looking at the country we live in today it is difficult to say how happy people are in this day and age. We live in a society that focuses on making individuals find means to survive by any means necessary. If we look at the average American household, many are doing well by just getting by with the basic needs of survival. Amongst all that, I would like for you ask yourself a question. Are you satisfied with your current health care status? Are you comfortable with the current healthcare system in this country? If the answer is yes and no, then you have every right to feel the way you do. Complaining about the health care within the United States without the policies and procedures is simple minded. It may sound a bit harsh but it is truth. The question now is why is that health care system is complex. Something as simple as receiving health care has become a debate that has made people chose sides. It is inexcusable to have such a pointless debate when looking at it a logical point of view. We have to define what is health insurance or health care? According to the Pharmaceutical Benefits in Insurance Programs, “Health insurance is a mechanism for spreading the risk of incurring health care cost over a group of individuals or households, protecting the individual from a catastrophic financial loss in the event of a serious illness. Insurance therefore, spread the burden of payment for illness among all the members of the new scheme whether they are ill or healthy, poor, or rich. By their very nature, insurance schemes act as financing agents; they receive finds from employers, households, and the government and use these funds to purchase health care for their beneficiaries. Therefore, the main components of insurance schemes are collecting revenue, pooling resources and risk, and purchasing quality goods and services. Health care in the United States is the best in the world. This is the reason many people come to this country and get their surgery and other procedures done regardless of the cost. If there is infection anywhere in the world a team of doctors from CDC get on the plane and find out its cause and return to do research and find the cure if available. There is no other country in this world that has such a capability. We all know this just by walking into a hospital or visiting a family practice facility. Both the negatives and positives have to be viewed in order to understand the health care system. By doing so, then one can have a confident viewpoint on whether or not they agree universal health should be offered at lower rates or if not free. How can we truly know where to get the facts that will support the individual belief of Americans? This writer said that, “Republicans say that Americans don't want top-down government control of their health care. But what we have now is top-down corporate control of health care. Insurers, drug makers, sellers of expensive equipment, hospital executives, labs, home-health-care services and others unnamed prosper by exploiting the chaos in our health care system” (Harrop, realclearpolitics). When reading the writer’s comment, many would argue that the Republicans are completely biased. There are many people that are average middle-classed citizens who would insist that Republicans are selfish and care about no one but themselves. Many of the republicans who are in office are wealthy and have no need to worry about they can afford or receive health care. So the fact that Republicans may had apparently said that at one point in time, it shows that people who may not have any worries about health care may ever understand about the individuals who are less fortunate. If we look into the current status of choice to discuss in reference to health care, major topic is about Obama Care. What exactly is Obama Care? The correct term for Obama care is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This was...

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