Truism Essay- We Must Take Some Risks to Find Happiness

Topics: English-language films, Risk, Short story Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: August 16, 2013
Stage fright

We must take some risks to find happiness. I find that most people are comforted by what they feel certain of, people like the fact that they know their place in life and have no urge to search further or take risks to find something different, something better. I learnt at the age of fifteen that sometimes risks can put perspective on our lives. It encourages us to push ourselves to strive further and harder to follow our dreams.

My experience finds little resemblance to the short story siren. In this peculiar fiction, Tony a boy trying to fit in takes the risk of inviting three acquaintances to his beach house in hopes of spending time with Alysia, the girl he is infatuated with. Things take a turn for the worst when Alysia discovers that a siren (A beautiful woman or winged creature whose singing lured unwary sailors onto rocks or men to their deaths) stalks the beach in search of men to dazzle and then tragically murder. Soon after Tony is captivated by a siren named Parthenope, who Tony mistakes for Alysia, he suggests they walk to the place he saw Parthenope last. Alysia is apprehensive for good reason. Does she take the risk? I am unsure... the story ends there and gives you the feeling of being unsatisfied with many questions and zero answers.

In my situation I find myself ridden with questions of anxiety, which can be intimidating and scary but also exciting and exhilarating because it hands me the opportunity to explore and discover. Of course my anxiety compares nothing to the resemblance of bubble boy, a short film about a man who suffers with agoraphobia (a fear of leaving the house or being in public spaces with crowds) in which he is forced to eventually leave his home to collect supplies from the grocery store. He starts to feel silly for judging the world too cruelly. Soon after he finds himself faced with his nemesis, this nemesis attacks bubble boy and leaves him to die. Bubble boy begins to feel connected to the world...
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