The Three Most Important Qualities to Be a Super Achiever

Topics: Optimism, Success, Pessimism Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: February 14, 2014

The Three Most Important Qualities to Be a Super Achiever
In order we grow up in everyone life achieving something is always awesome and involves several dilemmas, we have obstacles and sometimes they are difficult to overcome them, so we must to be prepared to face them. There are three main qualities necessary for success: Responsibility, perseverance and optimism. Responsibility:

This is one of the most important qualities to be successful. When people are responsible they already have everything in order, because they are always doing their work at time. Without responsibility, people won´t have their lives in order, they won´t do their work and even they can fail or disappoint other people, like their partners, friends or family. For example if a person never does his work, could be fired. If a student doesn’t do homework, study for exams, the student could fail a subject. Perseverance

Another trait that people need in order to achieve success is the ability to be persevering about the work they do. If they don’t persevere about what they love to do or think, they will do things without love or passion, so in consequence they will do it in a wrong way, could not grow up, can lose creative minds and also can hate their work and everything in life. So it´s always necessary to fight for what we want. People don’t have to become weak, instead of that they need to be brave for their ideals. Once upon a time Christopher Columbus said that the earth was round and he wanted to prove it was not a flat, but with the journey he undertook, not only showed the earth was round, he discovered America. Optimism

One of the most important qualities to be successful is when people are optimistic. When a person has a good mental attitude everything comes naturally, in a good way. Sometimes a person could have a problem, but this person can face it, can think in different ways to affront it. On the other hand a person whom is pessimistic rarely can face problems, this...
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