The Economic Downfall

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The Economic Downfall1

"The Economic Downfall"
Franita Roberson
May. 1, 2011
Dani Mclean

The Economic Downfall2
We are in a mist of depression, both economically and emotionally. Even though the government can't make a stance in this economic crisis, we won't recover because of unemployment, gas prices, funding for housing, human development, and health care for the aging and disabled.

Unemployment has increased to an all time high in the year of 2011. The government is at a constant battle with each other, while we as Americans are in a struggle to survive. It has been reported by the (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics) that the unemployment rate has risen by 11.8% from the year 2006 to 2011. Unemployment rate, Rhode Island 11.5% of the labor force - Not seasonally adjusted - Mar 2011Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. By recognizing our unemployment problem this is just the beginning of our problems.

When there's no employment to provide for the typical family. Then it's lack of income. There's many families becoming homeless because of the unemployment rate. This problem leads to families breaking apart due to stress and having no where to turn. More people will have to rely on government funding. With today's economy, our funding for housing is at a major stand still. There's no help for people to at least have a stepping stone in order to have a start to be able to survive economically. We are seeing more drugs and home invasions in our society The Economic Downfall3 because of this issue with unemployment. People see no other options to provide for themselves or their families. So, they result to theft and sometimes murder. This defiantly brings on the problem of a higher crime rate. Again, where are we headed?

The issue of emotional distress amongst individuals in the corporate settings is also at an all time high. The instant recession has shocked us all. Individuals are not able to go into their place of employment and enjoy their job or relax. They are not able to concentrate while performing daily tasks. Everyone's anxiety levels seem to stay high. Individuals are forced to have constant thoughts of having to use their flex hours, 401k could be taken away, or they could just hear those famous words, "You are fired!" at any time. This is enough stress that could lead to emotional breakdowns and even workplace suicide's. In America alone workplace suicides have increased by 28% between 2007 and 2008. We should find a way to treat employees better and solve our unemployment crisis before we won't be able to help ourselves.

The next problem that we are having are our gas prices. Where are we headed? How high will the prices get? On the date of April. 13, 2011, gas prices in the state of Rhode Island increased from $3.52 to $3.74 per gallon. I was left speechless. Now, this will lead to people wondering how will they make it to work, how will they pay bills and still have enough to fill up their tanks with gas, and will they be able to afford a family vacation during the year? It's been said that Lybia is not our war. At this time, our punishment for helping is the withholding of crude oil. Any part or actions that we are taking with Lybia is costing us $36 million per day. The end result will show that the United States will have funded this war with a total $608 million. The question is, "How can we fund a war when we can't fund the U.S?" Our gas prices are continuing to soar but our president plans to tap into the U.S oil reserve. The last time that the U. The Economic Downfall4 S tapped into the reserve was after Hurricane Katrina. The United States has millions of barrels of oil. And it is the most amount of emergency oil obtained in the world. This oil is stored between Texas and Louisiana. Tapping into the reserve would help us economically and also hurt us economically. The government calls this a very rare occasion in order to be...

(U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics 2011)
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