The Banking Concept of Education

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January 14, 2013
The Banking Concept of Education

In the banking concept of education Freire explains how the relationship between students and teachers suffer from narrative sickness (Freire). Freire describes the bond between students and teachers as if the student is like a bank where they are the depositories and the teacher are the depositors hint the “banking concept”. Another term that stuck out to me is how he say that learning should have something to do with your past experiences. He compares two concepts of education, banking and problem posing; in the banking concept teachers assume students don’t control what they learn. In his theory of the banking concept he fells some teachers feel like students are empty vessels that need to be filled. Both concepts can be true but, no two finger prints are alike. Everyone doesn’t learn the same. So the theory of banking or problem posing being better or worse depends on the student and teacher. Freire goes further to express how he feels banking is a negative way for students to learn. How “banking” is composed and based upon just memorization and not really learning; in this concept students are receiving, memorizing, and repeating. Also in the banking concept students aren’t able to put to use any of what they have learned to use in every day life. “The more a child or students can apply and adapt to situations that allow them to use what they have been taught the better the student will manage.”(Freire). Freire also talks about authentic thinking. The teacher cannot think for you nor can he/she force you to think or see as he or she does. Problem posing opposed to banking is a way for both the student and the teacher to learn at the same time. For example asking questions in class and engaging in classroom conversations, but at the same time allowing the teacher to know that the student is understanding the information. Freire describes problem posing as the better solution to aiding the...
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