Southwest Airlines: New Challenges

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Southwest Airlines: New Challenges
According to the Southwest Airlines Case Study, it can separate the answer into 4 parts as follows: Q 1-1 ⋄ ENTP and ENFP
There are many positions in Southwest Airlines such as aircrew, pilot, officer, steward, etc. Each position has own suitable personality types. For example, steward and stewardess should to be extravert person who have sociability because they have to contact other people and can serve customer all the time. Pilot should to be thinker because they have to control the airplane by use less emotion in decision making and use logical thinking. They have to focus on facts and data to analyze the problem correctly. However, there are some personality type that suitable for Southwest Airlines when compare with their corporate culture and organization. •Extraverts and Introverts

Because of Southwest Airlines is the services business. They can survive in this business by use differentiate services strategy. So their employees should have the heart of services. These employees have to accept variety because they have to meet many customers. And each customer has own problems, so these employees will not bored about their work. They have to act quickly, speak freely, and think through speaking to their customer. They have to fixed problem face to face for each situation. This is the feature of EXTRAVERT person that can help Southwest Airlines to run their business successfully. •Sensers and Intuitives

Mostly employees in Southwest Airlines have to work hard with low salary but they don’t care about these problems. This is because they are INTUITIVE people. They always focus on big picture. They look for the stable job. They don’t have to worry about early retirement or lay off. They also receive profit sharing and stock option from the company. It’s mean that they are the stockholder of the company. They can receive dividend every year or save money for the time after retirement. This job makes the employees to face new problems all the time. These problems come from each customer that has different problems. It’s mean that these employee will not have routine tasks. They have to learning for new skills to fix those problems. They have no time to check for precision because they have to do everything quickly. For example, the customer come with the problem of wrong seat by computer, steward have to search for new seat immediately. They will not lose the time for go back to checking their computer at the counter because they cannot make customer dissatisfy. So they have to find the way out quickly for their customer satisfaction. •Thinkers and Feelers

For this personality type, the employee can be both THINKER and FEELER. This is because these personalities tell about the way to make decision. But many decision came from many problems, some problems we use felling more than thinking such as the problem of ethic and moral. Sometimes we have to care about the customer feeling more than the right thing. Some problems we have to think step by step to find the solution. So, both of these personalities are needed for Southwest Airlines to use in different situations. •Judgers and Perceivers

PERCEIVER is the suitable personality that suit for the employee of Southwest Airlines. Because there are many kinds of customers in one flight, many times their needs come in the same time so the employee have to support in any situations in the same time. Perceiver is a flexible person who can start too many projects and adapt to change all the time so they can work harder in various works in the same time. Further more because of the pattern of working at Southwest Airlines is to work harder and more flexibly. So the people who can work at this company always like a flexible work and to be able to adapt to change all the time. These people like to open alternatives when have to make decision for something. So this is the reason why PERCEIVER person always love to work with Southwest...

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