School's Registration System Thesis

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The Development of School’s Registration System for Amazing Grace Academy-Taguig Inc.

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Camero, Rowell G.Mr. Ferdinand E. Rubio
Ledesma, Crystel G.
Libre, Alondra D.
Morales, Jason V.
Salva, Emalyn L.

Chapter 1: The Problem and its Background


In early days, school’s registration process was run manually. Computer technologies were not introduced in such time. Every details running in a registration process, was written, organized and sorted by hand. Until now, several schools were not yet introduce in computer technologies and its different systems that’s why the proponents decided to develop their school registration system that will help them to organize a student’s information instantly.

Amazing Grace Academy-Taguig Inc. was the chosen beneficiary of the proponents. It was founded on 2005 by Pastor Moises Batalla and run by his wife Principal Arlene Batalla. The Christian school was built by pastors of different churches because of their passion about teaching children of Christian gospels and also beyond it. So they decided to build a school that will help one’s child intelligence and knowledge about Christian gospels. Then, they created a Christian school named Jesus the Lord and Savior - Foundational Learning Center. As time pass by, it was developed and renamed as Amazing Grace Academy-Taguig Inc. Currently, this school was continually accepting and molding young generation through academic excellence and moral values.

Background of the Study

The proponents discovered several difficulties about their existing system. It is experiencing different complications through organizing, managing and sorting data by doing it manually. It also consumes a lot of time and effort to search specific student’s information in order for them to edit and add information. Faculty teachers spend a lot of time by writing every student’s information to their record book as their verification that the students were officially enrolled in Amazing Grace Academy - Taguig Inc.

Fortunately, by the concern of the proponents, a new and improved system will be created. This will help them to manage several students’ information easily and in a quickest way. It will also lessen the time and effort to document all of the student’s information to be their record as their official students. Admin can easily find, edit and add student’s information by searching the student’s number, name, section or student’s school level, and other information of the student using computers owned by the school. Admin can also determine if the student, were transferred from other school, their medical records and school records. Furthermore, the admin can verify an official student by having a registration form in each student.

Conceptual Framework

Theoretical Framework
The act of recording data or information of a certain person is called registration. Registering is very useful in recording information for us to know the fact about the person. Usually something is registered to claim more rights, or to protect ownership, or because the law says it must be registered to be used legally. It was use in Births, Deaths and marriages to prove the date and the event happened, in Motor vehicles to prove who owns the vehicle and to identify them and in Books to show the date when copyright protection starts. It was also created to fight crimes.

To turn back to 1760 is to realize just how much the world has changed since Lloyd’s Register was founded. At that time the sailing ship was the only reliable and speedy form of transport and the steam engine’s full potential was only just being developed. Industrialization of the western world had not yet accelerated to encourage the wide-spread exploitation of natural resources such as oil and gas, and the nuclear and jet ages were not even envisaged. ...
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