Research Proposal on Apple and Blackberry

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Research Proposal
Topic – Brand Leadership : The success story of the two mobile Giants Apple and Research in Motion (RIM) and their rivalry.

Table of contents

Research Objective
Literature review
Research design

1. Introduction

The history of mobile industry is not long in the past. The first cellular phone was invented by Martin Cooper on April 3, 1973 Martin Cooper with the Motorola Dyna-TAC mobile phone. Before this most mobile phones were too large to carry and too costly. In this thesis I’m going to research about the two major players in the cell phone industry Apple and RIM( Research In Motion). People around the world are constantly searching for new gadgets to meet their desires, especially smartphones. There is no dearth of cellular phones available in the market today. The two most common phones people tend to choose - to get the best are RIM's Blackberry and the Apple iphone. Consider it a battle for hearts and minds than for thumbs and ears. Apple launched the iphone in 2007, Based on the iPod, it was effectively an entire computer that happened to make phone calls. Blackberry was introduced in 1999 by a Canadian company, Research In Motion . Smartphones are the new generation of phones which can not only make calls, but also surf the internet, keep a calendar, look at the weather, give you GPS driving directions and serve you with millions of applications. Iphone is a media lovers dream come true, movies and music can't get better but the privacy RIM offers with a severe encrypted e-mail system is exemplary for lawyers and businessmen. Apple reported selling 6.9 million iPhone 3Gs during its last quarter, while RIM sold 6.1 million BlackBerrys in roughly the same period. Target markets for the iPhone and BlackBerry overlap as well as there isn't much difference in the pricing of the 4S and the Torch 9860. The Iphone is sleek, elegant an all over touchscreen while the blackberry is rigid and bold and offers a keypad along with the touchscreen. Due the same target markets these two companies share intense competition from each other. Rim’s blackberry dominated the mobile market of smart phone for a long time till the launch of apple’s I phone which led to the decline of blackberry’s market share significantly.

1.1 Background of Apple :
Apple was established on 1 April 1976 by three unprofessional software genius Steve Jobs, Steve Woznaik and Ronald Wayne. In 1984 Apple launched its first computer called Mactintosh. The Macintosh initially sold well, but follow-up sales were not strong due to its high price and limited range of software titles. In 1985 a power struggle developed between the board of directors and Steve Jobs which led to the resignation of Jobs. Apple continued making innovative computers and eradicating previous problems. In 1997 Apple almost reached the stage of bankruptcy which brought back the genius himself Steve jobs. The return of Steve jobs had a big moral and fundamental influence on the future profitability of Apple. Jobs led to a tremendous growth of Apple in the coming years. They launched an improved version of mactintosh, music application itunes, music gear ipod. The first iPhone was launched in 2007. Even though it had a sky touching price iphone became the most popular phone particularly in the US. It was very popular in the United States . The smartphone market share of the iPhone has been ever growing since then.

1.2 Background of Research in Motion (RIM) :
RIM is a Canadian multinational company which was established in 1984 by Mike Lazaridis. The company designs, manufactures and markets wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile and telecommunications market. RIM provides platforms and solutions for access to information, including e-mail, voice, instant messaging, short message service (SMS), Internet and intranet-based applications and browsing. RIM...

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