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Chapter I
Nowadays where computer is a way of life, businesses, schools, offices and other institutions adapt this kind of high technology to become easier and more comfortable for the people to live and do things. It makes the transaction process faster and less paper works. Information systems have been deployed by organizations for achieving efficiency, effectiveness, enhancing quality and gaining competitive advantage. Similarly, the proponents aim to achieve similar objectives for the proposed Personnel Record Management System of DepED, Silay City Division. Department of Education aims to provide access to quality and relevant Basic Education through informed and responsive policies and plans, effective Technical Assistance to Divisions, ensuring productive partnerships and Resource Mobilization and Management and assigning and developing highly competent educational managers, learning facilitators and support personnel, Information via the Internet: Department of Education. Managing Personnel records is essential in providing the information needed by organizations and monitor staff performance. As the number of hired personnel are continually increases, managing of information will also become complex, especially if everything is done manually. With the help of information system there are some ways to avoid this kind of problem. With PRMS, the Human Resource department can truly function as a strategic partner and accelerate organization growth to achieve the business goal of the organization. The system is effective and beneficial and accessible to accurate, timely and relevant information that are linked to the accomplishment of the organization’s mission and strategic objective. 1.1 Project Context

This part will focus on the proposed Personnel Record Management System. It will also discuss some problems and possible solutions that will develop and improve the flow of transactions that is currently used by Department of Education-Division of Silay. It is experiencing numerous problems which slow down their services. The current system of HRMO uses a Microsoft Excel. A spreadsheet can only be used for the most basic sort of data searching and retrieval. The proposed Personnel Record Management System can provide accuracy and effectiveness in the business process and will surely be a great help to improve the transaction process that organization is recently using. It will be easier for the HR end-users to encode personnel information and generate reports. Users must have the knowledge in using the system properly to contribute strategically to the business. And all personnel information will be saved automatically in a secured database. The proponents will develop a user-friendly system for the end-user to capture system flow. 1.2 Problem Statement

After gathering the data, the proponents found out that the Department of Education-Division of Silay is experiencing some difficulties in their transactions. The current system used in recording personnel’s information by the Human Resource department of DepED, Silay City Division is Microsoft Excel. The following are the identified problems:

1. The current system can no longer support the information which had been stored using Microsoft Excel. 2. The personnel are having hard time in updating an employee’s information. 3. It takes more time in processing service record.

4. The Leave Credits and Service Credits are recorded manually. 1.3 Objectives of the Study
The aim of this study is to develop a Personnel Record Management System for Department of Education-Division of Silay City which will make sure that the information of the employees are secured, relevant and updated. The Specific Objectives of the study are as follows:

1. Allow system administrator to conduct and input personal information easily, accurately and efficiently and directly stored at the database. 2. The proposed PRMS can reduce the amount of paperwork and manual record...
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