Race and Music

Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Police Pages: 3 (1065 words) Published: March 18, 2014
Race and Music
Race and music have always been up for great debate. Actually, just music in general have always been up for debate. It does not have to be because of just the race, but because of what people infer from the lyrics. Two articles that I have read, definitely helped impact my opinion of what should be done with music and race. In the reading “Racial Rhetoric and Cultural Frames” the main idea throughout this essay are all about the different frames of music. Specifically whether or not lyrics to different songs are harmful or are not harmful. In the article “What are Rappers Really Saying about the Police?” the main idea is about how the idea that rap music is harmful is challenging that theory. How after listening to the music it is really talking about how the songs are not about the “pleasure and pride in aggressive and criminal acts, but the unfairness of the criminal justice system and the powerlessness felt by those targeted by it.”

The authors present reliable information in both of the texts, however, I did feel that “What are Rappers Really Saying about the Police?” had more interesting parts and did not drag things out as much as “Racial Rhetoric and Cultural Frames” does.

“What are Rappers Really Saying about the Police?” talks a lot about how the criminal justice system is unfair and biased based on who they are. The supportive details the authors gives would be when they give two examples of songs by Tupac and Jay-Z, then they give their opinion of what the songs meant. The conclusion is that they found the messages that were given was not that the rappers disliked the justice, however, they disliked the way it was being implemented.

In the article “Racial Rhetoric and Cultural Frames” the author gives a lot of strong evidence. For each frame that the author talks about a good example follows. Throughout the article the author is going back and forth between bands fighting for their rights and what the Senate and other people...
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