Quality Kraft Carpets Ltd of Kiddsminster

Topics: Competitor analysis, Marketing, Contract Pages: 4 (944 words) Published: October 30, 2009
A report on consideration of selling the products in the foreign marketHere we are considering of exporting the products of Quality Kraft Carpets ltd (QKC) in the foreign market. In this case we should consider in few factors which will affect the company's success in the foreign markets. I think the company should hire local representatives to sell its products making 1-2 years short term contracts. As the company is small and flexible it can make various of sized and patterned carpets according to its USA competitors products research and consumers demand. Here are the list of actions the company can do.

1.As the product is high quality the sales representatives can approach to the high profile customers like hotels, offices etc.

2.If the short term contract was successful it should consider widening its export in the USA market or to open its own retailing and subsidiary. USA is a big and very competitive market and the brands are operated very local based. It means brands and products used are even different in the west and east coast or in different states consumers.

The QKC is a relatively new company in the UK market trying to compete in manufacturing good-quality Axminister carpets. Despite the company is new in the market, the company's effective and successful effort made them to produce good reputation and success in its short period of history.

The company's marketing communications could be the followings:•Advertising•Direct marketing•Personal selling•Sales promotion (Local carpet or related exhibitions)•Public relationsHere the company can use "pull" sales promotion strategy. It can give away the sample of the products to the potential customers.

The method of communications can be direct mailing to the potential customers, advertising on local media, referencing back in UK's reputation, samples etc.

3.The products from Quality Kraft Carpets specialised in well known Axminister carpets which is traditional, woven and has a good...

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