Principles of Organizational Communication

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Problem solving Pages: 5 (1409 words) Published: July 12, 2013
* BUS3050 – Principles of Organizational Communication
* Organizational Communication Project Outline
Identify and describe the situation or problem
What are the major and minor problems in this case?
Two ladies wished to sit near one of the managers; the manager was unaware of this. As everyone took their seats at the tables, only one of the ladies was able to sit at the same table as the manager. The lady who was not able to sit on the manager’s table became quite upset and the following day at work refused to speak to the other girl. All the colleagues in the office who were aware of the situation did not pay too much attention to the dispute as they thought it would pass the next day, however as the week went on, the dispute continued and then other parties became involved in taking sides. What communication theories apply to these problems?

It's the leader's job to point people in the right direction with clear, coherent, and consistent communication designed and planned thoughtfully and in advance.  The leader of today thus has to lead with a clear direction in mind, and at the same time, ensure that the rest of the team understands which direction they are going. It is only when the whole entire team, together with the leader are working towards a common goal and final destination that success can really be achieved. Communication is thus essential because leaders must be able to communicate the goals and directions to the team other than being able to define it. Finally, they must communicate in such a way that the team will be inspired and motivated to take action. What organizational theories or perspectives are apparent?

Principle; this is a narrower process of developing and maintaining procedures. This principle gives clear structure and rules which considers changing environment. It applies to the organization, powers, duties and its functions. In relationship to organizations today we do see that there is a rigid form of rules and power being installed by organizations such as the Unity of command. What information is missing?

In week two the atmosphere became quite volatile and the work rate of the staff was definitely affected. In the case I encountered at work, I believed the conflict was just a clash of personalities between the two people concerned, however as the conflict evolved there became a deeper meaning to the reasons behind the problem, which moved onto to needs and expectations. What assumptions are we making about the organization, its people, and their problems? Lack of communication skills training. Lack of confidence in the quality, attitude, and management to the staff. Good idea to hire positive personalities that are good with people. This will help the company build a positive image for itself. Sensitivity

Who or what appears to be most responsible for the communication problems? Good communication is the key to a successful business.   Identifying the signs of communication problems is the first step in solving communication issues.   Some of the things to look for are mistakes, apathy, lack of cooperation, frequent complaining, and poor communication can increase the issues.   Diagnosing the problem and finding ways to lessen the impact can help reduce conflict and restore business productivity What are the shared realities in the organization? Empathy. The ability to understand the emotional makeup of other people. A skill in treating people according to their emotional reactions. Before make decision I think leader should think as the way employees think then   they can make intelligent decisions Are the principal individuals good communicators? Everyone needs to take the time to listen and reflect on what is being said, good communication requires everyone to participate fully.   Knowledge of a culture is key to business success and to recognize differences sometimes requires you to put aside your own sensitivities to do what is necessary to work...
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