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Important Factors for the Growth of German Nationalism

Political Nationalism
Political nationalism grew with the spread of new ideas about Liberalism and Nationalism. also Nationalism was the desire of people with a common national identity to have their own country. furthermore, Liberalism was the desire to have a parliament, like Britain’s, where rulers were elected by the people of the country as opposed to being ruled by a king alone. Especially, In the years initially following 1815, support for political nationalism in Germany was very small- it was limited to small groups of radical students from a middle class background known as the Burschenshaften. They were often encouraged by their lecturers who made speeches reflecting their motto, ‘Honor, Freedom, and Fatherland’. Also Repressive laws were issued by the Austrian Chancellor Metternich in 1819 called the Carlsbad Decrees which banned student societies and censored newspapers. The following year the power of the Diet was increased so that soldiers could be ordered to stop the spread of new ideas in any of the German states. Nonetheless the growth of nationalism continued with the emergence of the student societies of the 1830s which were far more radical in their outlook. For The growth of nationalism culminated in the revolutions of 1848. For the first time an all-German Parliament (The Frankfurt Parliament) met to create a united Germany. It consisted mainly of Liberals and Nationalists. Despite its eventual defeat the following year by the forces of Austria and Prussia, the setting up of this Parliament was a clear sign that support for unification was growing. for example The Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815 Between 1800 and 1815 the divided German states had been easily conquered by the French leader Napoleon Bonaparte and Napoleon merged the hundreds of German states into 38 larger states called the Confederation of the Rhine. Also At first German nationalists were inspired by the French...
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