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I am Light Rain. I am 20 years old. I belong from a muslim family. I am the 1st child of my parents. I got Golden GPA-5 in both of the exams for the blessings of Almighty Allah. I am studious in nature and love to study. I am very serious about it and never make any compromise with it. I am also friendly and have a lot of awesome friends who made my life. My favorite pastime is shopping. Whenever I get time I go for shopping. I love to gossip with my friends. My nature is a mixture of extrovert and introvert. I don’t talk much with people whom I don’t know or know a little but I am very talkative with my friends.

My Family

I live in a join family. There are 21 members in our family. I have my father, mother and two younger brother and sister. I also have a lot of cousins and uncle-aunts and grandmother. As I live in a join family I get the love from my siblings and we make a lot of fun. It’s really nice to live in a join family. I can get any member of our family if I fall in trouble. We share all the matters with each other. Our family bond is very strong. There is not a single thing or object that we say “it’s mine’. Anything we buy, we consider it is for everyone.

My School
The school offers education for students ranging from 3rd grade to 10th grade. It is one of the largest school .This school is recognized for its academic performance having produced many notable alumni including doctors, engineers, business, politics as well as senior government officers. The government of Bangladesh noted the school for its tremendous performance in the Secondary School Certificate examinations in recent years.


My school in 1910

My college

The college from which I have passed my H.S.C is
University College. It serves both as a college and a university. Although the college is best for Business Studies, subjects of other departments are also taught here. It has over 2000 students. The teachers of this college are well educated and friendly. They are very much helpful. The result of my college is also good. It ensures 100% pass and maximum GPA-5 every year. The number of GPA-5 University College is shown in the chart below-

My Department

I Belong from Department of Business Administration (BBA). It is the largest department in East University. The aim of the departments to provide students with an integrated and practical approach to understanding current business practices. The department is committed to create business leaders through academic excellence. Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration & Executive Master of Business Administration. The department offers 7 majors in BBA and 8 majors in MBA/EMBA programs. The prime objectives of the department are research and teaching. The Department of Business Administration has qualified and dedicated faculty members. There are about 70 faculty members in this department. Of them, 50 faculty members work full-time and 20 faculty members teaches adjunct faculty. There are 14 full professors having PhD degrees from reputed universities.

My Future Plan

My future plan is to open my own boutique shop. There are obviously some reasons for choosing this as my future plan.

*As I stated earlier that I love shopping and shop a lot so I have good knowledge about dresses and fashion.

*Another reason is that I want to be independent.

*Working for others is not much exciting or challenging. So I want to start my own business and fulfill the challenges myself.

*I want to start my own boutique because I can learn many things by operating my business....
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