Missdior Cherie

Topics: LVMH, Perfume, Perfumer Pages: 4 (771 words) Published: May 9, 2009
University of Geneva.

EMBA 1st year
Module: Marketing.
Product chosen: Miss Dior Cherie.
Marketing plan

Designer Dior has 84 perfumes in its fragrance base. Dior is an old perfume house. The earliest editions originate from 1947 and the newest ones from 2009. Christian Dior (the owner) is engaged in the production and sale of luxury goods. The group operates through three companies: Christian Dior Couture (wholly-owned), Financiere Jean Goujon (wholly-owned) and Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH), in which the group holds a stake of 42.5%. Christian Dior markets and distributes its products through group-owned shops and licensed distributors in Europe, the US, Japan and Asia Pacific. It is headquartered in Paris, France and employs about 57,300 people. The group recorded revenues of E16,016 million during the fiscal year ended December 2006, an increase of 10% over 2005. The operating profit of the group was E3,082 million during fiscal year 2006, an increase of 20.2% over 2005. The net profit was E797 million in fiscal year 2006, an increase of 29% over 2005.

External analysis:
Miss Dior Cherie was launched in 2005. The nose behind this fragrance is Christine Nagel. The profile for Miss Dior Cherie perfume consists of the following factors

• Geographic:
First of all, there is a geographic segmentation. Perfumes are luxury products. Hence they can be targeted in wealthier areas like North America, Western Europe, Japan, etc. Since Dior is popular worldwide, we can obviously find it everywhere, but their market is primarily based on these areas’ needs.

• Demographic :
Then we use demographic segmentation. As far as Miss Dior Cherie is concerned it has been targeted young woman who have quite high incomes. Perfumes are something not everybody can afford. This fragrance can be worn for any occasion, special as well as regular; it is light but demonstrates personality and feminity.

• Socio-cultural
Then it can be...
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