Marjis characteristics in Persepolis

Topics: Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Marjane Satrapi Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: December 13, 2013
Hadassah Viana
English 10
Miss Febo

Marji is persistent, intelligent and not afraid to let people know what she believes in no matter how people will disagree with her or what the consequences will be.
In the graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi, Marji is persistent because she firmly believes in communism in spite of the consequences or opposition. She really wanted to go to the demonstration with Mehri, but her mother warns her not to go because it’s very dangerous. On the very day they went it was “Black Friday”, the day that there were many people killed in one neighborhood. The novel explains, “there is the demonstration… we shouted from morning till night. Its late, we have to go home. Yes. Long live the shah! Good lord Where the devil where you? ” (38-39) Marjis mother then slaps both Mehri and Marji as a lesson learned to never disobey her again. But, this doesn’t stop Marji from standing up for what she believes in and being persistent

Marji is very intelligent for a child her age. Although Marji is only 10, she knows a lot about the government and what’s going on with her country. Marji will ask questions out of curiosity but only because she wants to find out more. Marji stands up for a cause and herself, which not many people can do. For example the novel states, “…my life took a new turn in 1984, I was fourteen and a rebel. Nothing scared me anymore. I’ve told you a hundred times that it is strictly forbidden to wear jewelry and jeans! What are you doing with that bracelet? Give it to me right now! Over my dead body! It was a gift from my mom…and the next day…let me see it, I’m telling you. With all the jewelry you steal from us, you must be making a pile of money.” (143) this shows that her parents well educated her to think independently, she refuses to allow anyone that she believes will tell her the wrong thing what to think. Another example from the novel, Marji’s teacher was teaching the class about the Islamic Republic, and...
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