Lesson Plan in Math

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Given the necessary materials, 75% of the students should be able to:
1. identify the different shapes
2. distinguish shapes by touching real objects
3. positively respond to shapes.

A. Topic: Shapes
B. References:
1. Cariño, Isidro D. Ph.D. & Acuña, Adoracion M. MAT. “Elementary Mathematics”. Anvil Publishing, Araneta Avenue. Quezon City.PP.117-119
2. Castaño, Paulina and Castro, Isabel Ed.D. “Fun in Nemeracy”. Abiva Publishing House Inc. Araneta Avenue. Quezon City. PP 24-25
3. www. woodlands-junior.kent.schu.uk/math/shapes
4. www. Littleexplorers.com/math/geometry/labelshapes
C. Concepts: Shapes are forms of things which give them distinct identification. It is found everywhere; any object has one or more combination of shapes.
D. Materials: flash cards, box with real object inside, interactive game chart, pictures
E. Skills: Visual Memorization
F. Values Integration: Boost self-confidence
Teacher’s Activity| Students’ Activities|
A. Classroom Routine1.Prayer Let us pray.2.Checking of Attendance Class, is everybody present today?That’s good!B. Lesson Proper1.Motivation Class look at this pictures, what did you observe? Very good! Did you know class, those infrastructures are designed by an Architects Ok, who wants to become an Architect? (Give reward)2. Developmental Activities Class do you want some challenging game? That’s great! Ok, I have here a mystery box. All you have to do is each of you will come in front and pick one object and tell what shape of the object shown. Do you understand? What shape are you holding? Very good! (Expect all students will come in front)Class, what did you observe about the real objects? Yes correct! Very good!Did you know class everything you see has a shape, like this whiteboard it is a rectangular shape....
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