Labyrinth of Suffering

Topics: Death, Labyrinth, 2006 albums Pages: 2 (898 words) Published: December 7, 2010
“How will we ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering?”

I believe suffering is something ones self is born with. When we give our first steps in this world we soon realize there is struggle and the struggle is ever lasting in ones life. Alaska Young was brought down with the suffering in her life. The labyrinth of her life dragged her down and the question of escaping the labryitnh would not leave her mind. She broke. Alaska got out of her labyrinth “straight and fast.” Maybe getting out of the labyrinth of suffering is forgiveness just like pudge believes. If one holds on to hatred and pain then it grows and it eats away your every whim. Pudge needed to answer this question not only for his class assement but he needed to answer it for himself. He knows as well as I do that Alaska is gone forever and he may never know why or how she died. Pudge knows that to get out of his labyrinth of suffereing he needs to forgive Alaska. He needs to forgive her to be able to continue mazing through the labrynth of his life. Pudge needs to forgive her to get to happiness. The answer to this question lingers in my mind,will I get out of this labryith of suffering? I am not sure at all. I know there is always a smile in darkness, and I can forgive and forget just as Pudge forgives Alaska. Maybe even after death there will still be the labryitnh of suffering. Or maybe after death the suffering ends. The first steps we give in death are probably not a struggle at all. Unlike Alaska I don’t want to find the answer just yet. I rather linger on it and learn or wonder. I will not find a way out “straight and fast.” At some point in life “Everyone…gets dragged out to sea by the undertow…we are all going.” In other words, at some point in time we know we are going to die/suffer or someone we love and care for is going to die, how do we deal with this knowledge? Right now Miles’ answer is to believe in an afterlife, however Miles becomes enlightened and he changes his outlook on...
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