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KAMISETA – I love the brand Kamiseta since I was a teenager. I’ve seen it evolved as a leading brand. The old tags and now to the new tags and designs. The designs are classic and worth buying and affordable. It is one of the most classy comfortable that I can use any time of the day. I used to buy this because the brand is hip, youthful and active. I can even use this for how many years without fading the colors and the fabric seems to look as new even years passed by. This brand came to be my favorite.

My churchmate who use to be my close friend, a College Professor on one of the known University influences me to my purchases. And for sometimes, she is also giving me gifts of tops or dresses with this brand. I always saw her with beautiful tops, tees or dress that made me amazed on the designs. The driving formula of the brand which is “It’s fun being a girl” catches my attention ever since. The cool casual classics or what they call the “Triple C” has been envisioned for every item that carries the Kamiseta label that I always bought. And this brand really influences my self-concept ideas during my purchases. That everytime I go on shopping, I see to it that my first boutique to drop by is on Kamiseta. Maybe because I put on my mind the quality and price of its products and maybe because I was influenced by some other people too who are fun of shopping with this brand. The suggestions or comments of any customer really affect the buying power of an individual especially when it is a girl thing because when girls do give their comments “pasa-pasa na”. Since brand personality means that this is a kind of relationship a customer has with the brand and it is a means by which a customer communicates his own identity, I can say that my recent purchase of tops/dresses is my communication with its brand (Kamiseta). With regards to the different types of brand personality, I can say that my purchases is on excitement type because I am always excited on the new...
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