jefferson vs hamilton

Topics: Washington, D.C., United States Constitution, U.S. state Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: August 31, 2014
Garrett Barnes
American History DE – 4th hour
25 August 2014
Roots of the American Government

The United States government has come a long way since the signing of the declaration of independence, so much has changed. Around the time of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton is when the foundation for our current government was created. Both of these men contributed to what will become the United States, Jefferson was a Republican who believed in the common man, and Hamilton was a Federalist who believe in Aristocracy (government controlled by the rich). Hamilton had the right idea, the educated and rich should govern, simple people like farmers, shouldn’t be able to make decisions for everyone when they can’t tell left from right. Hamilton believe that the rich and sophisticated should be the ones voting and running the government, Jefferson, however believed in the “common man”. Most of the people who voted for Hamilton were the rich and educated, like lawyers, merchants, and bankers, Jefferson had simple people like farmers. Hamilton felt as though the qualifications for voting were to low and should be higher, obviously Jefferson felt they should’ve been lowered. Hamilton had the right idea, but not everyone should have to be rich, maybe educated but not just for voting. Jefferson’s belief on people voting is completely pointless, people with absolutely no education should not be able to vote, considering they are going to pick someone based mostly on either looks or vocabulary. Jefferson had the idea that agriculture should be the backbone of our nation’s economy, but in today’s society would obviously fail. I find this to be absolutely redundant, how can a country go forward when it’s simply stand still? Hamilton believed in factories and the forward progression of everything, he wanted a balanced economy including farming. Jefferson wanted to dispose of internal taxes, Hamilton want to maintain them. If you don’t have taxes, you really...
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