Interpersonal Essay: Prince of Persia

Topics: Time travel, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Prince of Persia Pages: 5 (1718 words) Published: November 28, 2010
Interpersonal Essay
In a treacherous kingdom, there lived an orphan boy whom was destined to become the Prince of Persia. Growing up in the slums, the boy, Dastan, fought to sleep and stole to eat. One day, the young scavenger went to the market to snatch a daily meal when the kingdom soldiers caught him in his act. The boy fled the scene. Regardless of his agile maneuvers and stealthy tactics, the henchmen seized him. The king called out to the boy “Where are thy parents, boy?” He lowered his face and shed a tear. From that point on, the king raised Dastan among his two other sons as his own. This story will present how Dastan creates new relationships and terminates old ones. Dastan grew up in a family that consisted of three siblings. The three brothers always fought and competed to impress father, King Sharaman. Though they loved each other dearly, the thought of being the heir of the next throne lurked inside their minds creating a sense of caution towards them. Tus, the oldest of the brothers, was slow to anger and very analytical. As for Garsiv, the youngest of the brothers, portrayed a quick to battle, but quite naïve at times. Dastin, on the other hand, showed characteristics of emotional intelligence. He contained a certain ability in which he could relate and befriend all he meets. The kings, queens, guards, squires, maids, bumpkins, peasants, and everyone who passed his way learned to enjoy his company and friendship. Dastan and Garsiv got along well when they were young lads, but as time took its toll they began to differentiate. The two no longer shared similarities in battle and home issues. Garsiv often used aggressive talk to attack Dastin’s self-concept with the intent of inflicting psychological pain which also resulted in Garsiv committing passive aggression. Garsiv continually reiterates the story in which the king adopts a street rat as a son which consequently ends up with Dastin defending himself with defensive communication. Dastin jokes and bashes about Garsiv’s knowledge and incompetence. Dastin fought against Garsiv’s wishes and lead multiple invasions without any consent. Stage 1: Differentiating of Coming Apart commences. The king had a brother named Nizam who was also his royal advisor. Nizam was one of Dastan’s most treasured family members. They would plot battle strategies together and give one another courage to face unbearable task. Nizam and the three brothers planned an attack on the sacred city of Alamut. They would plot battle strategies together and give one another courage to face horrid task. The divine city was accused of distributing weapons to enemies of Persia. Dastan, the adopted son, overthrew the kingdom and captured Princess Tamina of Alamut to marry his brother Tus to sustain peace amongst the two. King Sharaman suggested that Tamina be wed to Dastan instead of Tus for his outstanding accomplishment. With that joyous news, Dastan presented a fancy cloak to his father that his brother had given him. As soon as the king wore the cloak, it began to burn him until his death. Dastan was framed for his father’s death and fled Persia with the captive princess. There Dastan initiated a relationship with Tamina by saving her from the outraged community completing Stage 1 of Coming Together. In his escape, Dastan fell upon an interesting power from a dagger he retrieved from a fallen soldier in Alamut. The dagger has the power to move the user back in time with the fuel of Sands of Time. Dastan believed that Tus evaded Alamut for the purpose to gain the dagger for power. Dastan returned to Persia by attending his father’s funeral and attempted to convince his uncle Nizam that he was setup by Tus. Finding his uncle, he revealed his knowledge. The uncle asked for the dagger. Dastan checked his body for the dagger, and realized that Tamina had stolen it. Dastan noticed his uncles hands were burned, and then Garsiv appeared. Dastan begged his uncle and Garsiv...
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