including sports in high schoool curriculum

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The Powerful Effects of Including Sports in the High School Curriculum of Moca Kenya Marie Valdez García
Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra
Santiago, Republica Dominicana

The Powerful Effects of Including Sports in the High School Curriculum of Moca
Sports are more than just physical activities in which an individual or team competes against others, but when it comes to playing and participating in high school, it’s also a way of entertainment and helping kids learn about life. A sport teaches them about teamwork, discipline, and competition.

High schools in Moca have widen their curriculum for more studies and have not given the importance to sports, as they have excluded them from the curriculum. The students used to leave at 1:00pm, giving them time to play or participate in sports in their community and sometimes represent their school. Now, they leave high school at 4:00pm, giving them no time to actually play or train in any sports because of homework duties.

Sports have helped students know the real meaning of team work. As Ms. Wilson said, ¨Team work is one of the most important skills that high school student can learn through sports¨. This important skill helps kids learn how to compare personalities and qualities from people around you. As she also said, ¨Through team work, they can learn how each individual effort combined with their teammates creates the success level of the team¨ (2011).

Sports help inculcate discipline in students. Discipline is an action and it starts by having the ability to control one´s impulses and behavior. Discipline is what helps the students realize and achieve their goals, their personal success in class, and the victories of each game. Not only because they all have their own rules, but also because they are led by someone more prepared, and are to be role models for future teammates.

Victory is what all teams and students want, and a way to have it is by knowing how to...
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