Impact on the environment

Topics: Agriculture, Irrigation, Biodiversity Pages: 4 (1064 words) Published: August 31, 2014
Industrialization refers to an economic activity that is concerned with the production of goods, extraction of minerals and the provision of services. Its contribution is increasing in pollution result in degradation's of environment. Increasing population in town & cities it kills plants, like medical plants, ornamental plants, etc. It also kills herbivores animals it also affect our clean environment by changing the effect of chemicals Production of toxics products, for e.g. pesticides and herbicides which comprise the health system of organism. It is affecting environment by so many different ways like with the Co2 your berth & the trash we throw away in river, pond etc. there are countless way by which we effect environment. Industrialization impact on the environment

Urbanization has a tremendous impact on the environment and urban areas are the primary source of carbon dioxide in the air due to augmented burning of fossil fuels for heating and cooling purposes and from industrial processes. The local effects of urbanization on the environment has been indicate that the construction of cities with the numerous processes involved including the building of roads, buildings and other infrastructure development processes profoundly impact and alter the exchanges of energy, water and flow of air. One of the most common impacts of urbanization is urban warming which is apparent by the temperatures of cities Urbanization leads to an increase in activities and the development processes contribute to the temperature and environmental changes which occur, for instance, china has a rapid growth in urban population which directly results in the construction of tall buildings. Urbanization impact on the environment

Some impacts of agricultural technology on the environment
Climate change
Global warming is projected to have significant impacts on conditions affecting agriculture, including temperature, precipitation and...
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