HRDV 5630 WEEK 1 Homework

Topics: Management, Organization, Sociology Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: March 3, 2015
Chapter 1 - Homework
#2. How does OD differ from a single-change technique such as management training? Organization Development (OD) guides management to deal with change using many different techniques, such as total quality management or job enrichment, and none of them by itself. With single-change technique such as management training it is just focused at one type of management to change or modify performance of an individual. #5. Explain three basic responses an individual may have to socialization. A positive response can be an individual may choose to conform to all the norms of the organization, resulting in uniformity of behavior and complete acceptance of organization values. A negative response may be the individual chooses to rebel, to reject all the values, or to leave the organization altogether. The response between the two is when the individual may be creative and have acceptance only of pivotal values with rejection of all others. Chapter 2 – Homework

#3. Compare and contrast the four types of management organizations used in relating to the environment. 1. Sluggish Management – a managerial style based on low risk, with formalized procedures and a high degree of structure and control. Those who use sluggish management have very stable goals and a highly centralized structure 2. Satisficing Management - is a style of managing that emphasizes a more centralized decision-making structure with problems referred to the top. More levels of management with coordination done by formal committees. 3. Reactive Management – is a short-term, crisis type of adaptation, often involving replacement of key people, hasty reorganization, and drastic cutting of personnel and product lines. This approach is just waiting until serious problems emerge that can no longer be ignored and then taking drastic and corrective measures. 4. Renewing/Transformational Management – is introducing change to deal with future conditions before these...
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