How far was Octavian's rise to power achieved through violence?

Topics: Julius Caesar, Augustus, Mark Antony Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: November 17, 2014
How far was Octavian's rise to power achieved through violence?

There were many factors that contributed to Octavian's rise to power. Caesar’s death was an important event that helped the rise of Octavian. This is because it created uncertainty through out the people, without a leader could lead to chaos. Octavian, being Caesar's adopted son, was the only possible next in line. Octavian possessed no doubts in eliminating those who stood in his way on the path to power and joined with Lepidus and Antony to generate a "plan for a proscription, yet once this had been decided upon he carried it out more ruthlessly than either of them”. “Augustus alone demanded that no one be spared”. This is such shocking disrespect for those close to Octavian merely demonstrates his absolute commitment to his goal of achieving power and stature. Nothing could stand in his way. The proscription even went so far as to target those who had done no wrong but have writing tablets under their robe, "suspected that he had a sword", “Augustus himself tore out his eyes and sentenced him to death”. Not only was Octavian willing to sacrifice his friends and family in the pursuit of power, he even went so far as to eliminate individuals merely for the sake of getting money as well as those of his own armies and others who expected repayment for services to the Triumvirate. His actions made him no better than a common murderer, yet by the time Octavian came to be Augustus, no one opposed him. Despite his barbaric nature, Octavian's actions in a large part contributed to the success of his eventual rise to power by allowing him to remove anyone and everyone who may have deterred him. Octavian used intimidation and the threat of violence to persuade people to follow him. He gained the support of the senate with his army outside the doors. Those who opposed him were promised death. Another leading factor in Octavian's rise to power was his army, which he had already built one at the age of...
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