House Keeping

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Management considers the business of keeping a place clean and in good repair to be vitally necessary for a hotel to command a fair price and get repeat business.

Areas of Housekeeping responsibilities:

The general public tends to think of the housekeeping as the department that makes the bed, empties the ashtrays and wastebaskets, tidies up the bathroom and leaves fresh towels.

The truth of the matter is that it takes more manpower to accomplish housekeeping’s almost countless functions than those of any other department in the hotel.

Housekeeping’s responsibilities may begin with fabrics, and progress to the selection and purchase of all furniture and furnishings. It encompass not only their cleaning but also their maintenance, repair, refurbishment and eventual replacement.

Furthermore, even the seemingly simple cleaning functions is not simple at all. It involves more than cleaning the sleeping, eating, meeting and washrooms areas.. it means the grim job of cleaning the grease coated vents over kitchen ranges and fry kettles, the delicate job of cleaning switchboard equipment, and perhaps, the never ending job of cleaning the thousands of crystals used in chandeliers.

Even when an interior designer is employed, the professional housekeeper works very closely with him in the selection, refurbishing and replacement of furniture, furnishings and floor and wall coverings, and even such minor artefacts as soap dishes, towel bars and ash trays, as well as uniforms and linens.

Since lost and found department and the sewing room are usually under the responsibility of the executive housekeeper, he or she should have sufficient information about functions of those sections. The professional housekeeper also needs at least a working knowledge of such functions as accounting, sanitation, and record keeping , and special skills in the field of hiring and handling personnel.

What It Takes To Be An Executive Housekeeper:

an unusual mixture of qualities, skills, and personality traits are needed to be a professional housekeeper.

To be a successful professional housekeeper, one that management considers a part of the immediate team - one must have a leadership qualities, administrative abilities, special personality traits, and an understanding of the techniques and skills required in a modern housekeeping department.

10 Rules For Housekeeping Leadership:

The professional housekeeper must have the administrative ability to :

1.Utilize manpower effectively. This involves delegating tasks to others to get the work done properly and on time.

2.Devise easy methods of reporting work that has been done. Called feedback, the kind of communication eliminates costly rechecking and retracing of steps.

3.Develop standard procedures for routine activities. This enables employees to develop consistent work habits, giving identical services to the guests daily. When routines are standardised, employees can substitute for one another easily.

4.Install inventory control. These are essentials to any department dealing with costly supplies and expensive equipment.

5.Motivate all types of labour. High morale among employees is essential. To keep it high, the housekeeper needs all the expertise in the field of psychology that she can possibly muster- along with great patience and a sense of humour at all times.

6.Accept all the challenges that management proposes.

7.Involve employees in planning. Encourage them to use their imagination to find ways to make their jobs easier.

8.Increase the educational level of the staff. This can be done through training and by encouraging employees to attend adult education classes.

9.Set up recruitment programs to find and develop management trainees. This not only improve the property but gives the trainees an opportunity to move into better positions.

10.Cooperate and coordinate with other department managers. Every...
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