history of the computer

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Kristen Picciano9/13/14

History of the Computer

Could you imagine life without computers? Not just computers but any smart device like your IPhone, IPad, Xbox etc. All of these devices are derived from the first unit known as the computer. Today’s society relies heavily on the computer and all of its functions. We essentially have the world at our fingertips whether it’s Googling anything you could possibly think of or plugging in an address and relying on a computer to get you there. If it wasn’t for the computer I would not be writing this paper right now. If there were no computers many businesses would never have existed such as Microsoft, apple many more. The computer has improved our economy and has helped us function in the world. Our modern world it transitioning into a society based on electronics and technological advances. The development of the computer has come a very long way since it was first developed, and will continue to develop for years to come. A computer can be defined as a general purpose device that can be programmed to carry out arithmetic or logical functions and operations automatically.

The use of the word “computer” was first recorded in the 19th century and emerged in the modern from in the 1940’s. Charles Babbage is considered “the father of the computer” because he was the first to develop the concept of a programmable computer. He was a very intelligent man who was an English engineer as well as a polymath. He is credited with conceptualizing and inventing the first mechanical computer in the 19th century. His first design was a computer to aid in navigation calculations. In 1833 he decided a more general design would be beneficial so he began to develop that. He came up with an analytical engine which functioned through input programs and data. These inputs would be made through punch cards. For the output of information the machine had a printer, curve plotter and a bell that informed when...
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