Gun Control

Topics: Barack Obama, Democratic Party, United States Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Shankelle Scott
Eng. 112-2
Essay 1/ Final
Spring 2013

Who Needs a Gun At A knife Fight?

In essence of President Barack Obama’s inaugural address and Richard Blanco’s inaugural poem, they addressed many social issues in America. In Obama’s address, Obama feels the grounds of the second amendment do not still apply today. People are not walking around carrying large guns as they did back in the days. There is no reason to have possession of massive artillery in this day. Gun control was briefly mentioned; however it is a strong topic of debate. Both Obama and Blanco spoke upon crime, equality, economy, and education. America is feeding on a single theory, “every person should be offered a career they can solely survive on and have infatuation for. Working hard should have the end result of success. Hard work should be awarded with a decent pay. Because many have a weak start, hey should not be deprived of a slice of success. People born into the weakest of economic situations should all be offered the same opportunities, because they are Americans. Being an American ensures them equality and freedom. Great America, we long for your existence. Every citizen, from the east coast to the west coast, is waiting for you. Using the government as a crutch, we wait. President Obama is working to wean American citizens off their “crutches.” He has begun making it so; they can stand strong by themselves. Using “crutch” as a synonym to the government was not intended to say that the government is there to handicap us. The government is an aid, giving America support. The reduction of health care cost has begun, with the intent to help fortify the generation that built America up to what it is now. Tax codes are being ameliorated, along with our school systems. We are constantly working to build up our youth, our future. More opportunities are being offered to citizens in order to flourish hem with the skill needed to be more prosperous. Hello, Buenos Dias, and...
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