Go Sound the Trumpet, Chapter 1

Topics: Slavery in the United States, Slavery, Ritual Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: January 18, 2009
Go Sound the Trumpet by Jackson and Brown
Article Review

What I learned from this article was that around 1821-1865, there was a big disagreement about religion in Florida (slavery present). The main areas where this conflict occurred were in “Jackson, Gadsen, Leon, Jefferson, and Madison counties. Florida consisted of British and a Spanish colony and it was represented as “a haven for runaway slaves from the southern United States.” By 1821, planters had moved to the Middle Florida and had begun racial situations such as slave codes. This made the slave to try and disobey there masters and had led them into getting discipline from their masters.

The planters had decided to have a religious ceremony for the slave because they believed that religion was self governed and it classifies as independent and this will give the planters total control over slaves. “Others believed that religion should be used as an instrument of control.” Some “Masters” was kind of curious about allowing religion into there plantation, and tried to stop religion, but they was unsuccessful and the slaves would have ceremonies anyway. The slaves would meet on Sundays since that was they day off. Another planter just wasn’t having the religion thing at all and he didn’t want any kind of meetings on his plantation. If any slaves were caught doing any kind of religious activities, they would be punished and whipped. Another planter liked that idea and he also had a church himself, but only a white minister could preach and he would convince the slaves that he was God and they would obey him.

By using this system, this made the slaves to work more productively on the plantation. The slaves was often punished who were caught working poorly. Some planters were nice to their slaves and were allowed to get gifts and get Christmas off.
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