General Education

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Ignorance is NOT Bliss
Our curriculum dates far back to 400 A.D. The Roman Empire was in complete disarray. Luckily, a highly intelligent member of the Roman Proconsul named Martianus Capella confronted and diagnosed the problem. During this time of conflict it was truly a possibility that one may be taken thousands of miles away due to disjointed authority and foreign conflict. One may even find themselves in strange place where the people spoke an unfamiliar language. Capella stated ever so eloquently that to be prepared and survive in this constantly changing society we must know everything, or as close to it as we can get (Dutch). Indeed, this seems unlikely. However, acquiring a general education will surely aid one in this process. As soon as we graduate’s high school, society expects us to either go to a community college, four year institution or enter into a vocational career. If a student takes the college route, they are required to take general education classes. As a student participating in the process of acquiring a general education like many young adults today, we may start to question the importance of general education. General education provides a wide variety of courses in fields such as history, art, language and science. These courses are offered to provide rudimentary instruction and essential skills in specific areas such as, math, science and history. It is imperative that general education be continued to not only prepare students for a changing world, to give an overview of knowledge that allows an informed decision to be made, but most importantly, to decide on a major.

General education offers the student an opportunity to become a well-rounded individual. The average student may think general education has nothing to offer, especially when their major is science related. This is strictly because a student may not think it has any relation to their major. This is unquestionably false. Somewhere down the line of a student’s...

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