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Executive summaryPg 1
ServicesPg 2
Strengths & WeaknessesPg 3
Business formPg 4
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PricesPg 6
Organization chartPg 7
Style of LeadershipPg 8
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Business Tax Forms neededPg12 - 17

Executive summary

I will show in this project the steps I will need to take to start my own business, I will discuss information about my services to the customers, strengths and weaknesses, business form I will implement. At this moment I am preparing myself to start my business from home and will find out how this will benefit me as an initial start up. I will talk about pricing and of course being a new company I will probably lean towards affordable prices. My market is resident home owners, businesses and government buildings of central NY. Having worked at a small construction business for 3 years as a manager, taking service orders from a recognized home builder company and their customers, I have learned to manage well using new techniques to deal with costumers via telephone, e-mail and in person. I believe a quick response and effective plan to complete tasks are very important to maintain contracts and keep our and their customers happy. Learning the best styles of managing from companies I worked for in the past have tough me to strive for Life-long learning which is defined as (“Definitions,” n.d., ¶ 4) “the activity of seeking out new knowledge or developing a skill, and participating in educational activities over the course of a person’s entire life”. And one of the main reasons I want to pursue a degree in business.


* Electrical Work
* Home Additions
* Home Repair
* Painting
* Plumbing
* Roofing
* Bathrooms, bathtubs, sinks, vanities
* Bedrooms
* Decks
* Garages
* Kitchens, countertops
* Offices
* Patios
* Sunrooms

We specialize in basement remodeling and refinishing, kitchen and bath remodeling and refinishing, home additions. Our service area includes Central New York areas, including, but not limited to; Oswego, Fulton, Syracuse, North Syracuse, Fayetteville, Baldwinsville, Kato, and surrounding areas.

Strengths & Weaknesses
Many people dream of starting their own business and hope it doesn’t become a night mare once it is implemented. Having worked for many companies in the areas of computer repairs, general construction, cleaning and cable tv installations, I have acquired most of my experience by learning the trade then moving up to management specially focused in construction 3 years. I found many ways to assist business owners in their field of work by using my computer knowledge to help them compete in today’s business. I have been preparing myself this year by purchasing power tools, built an office at home, bought a ladder, office supplies, computers and phone system. I will like to start a business using the skills learned in my previous jobs by managing them once I find the right people to supervise them, but I will have to start my business one by one at first. I will start by providing room painting services because I will not need a cargo van to start, then I will move to small drywall repairs and will be able to use some tools I already have, as my costumer’s needs grow I will provide home remodeling services which will include: remodeling kitchens, room additions and finished basements. My customers will receive services from qualified handymen at a low cost, including cleaning up after every visit and all services will be delivered on time guaranteed.

Here I will explain my weaknesses as a business owner, 1. I always want to make sure all projects are done the way I want them to. 2. I have to inspect the process of service to be able to deliver a good quality of work. 3. I cannot say No to a costumer if not pleased by my work even though he/she is wrong. 4. Good credit and a...

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