Gender and Col

Topics: Gender, Entertainment, Discrimination Pages: 2 (862 words) Published: September 25, 2011
A good book both entertains and informs us, increasing our knowledge on certain topics yet keeping the reader’s attention with interesting and exciting events. Richard Harland’s Worldshaker, both entertains and informs us. The reoccurring matter of discrimination brings forth the themes of disrespect of females, morals and ethics, self discovery and growth, and hierarchy of classes which don’t fail to provide information presented in ways which further intrigue us in the novel. Through these aids Richard Harland has pieced together a book keeping readers on their toes as we take a journey through the history of the juggernaught, ‘Worldshaker’, therefore informing, and entertaining. With a wide spread of characters of both genders, we experience life as both male and female on Worldshaker. Disrespect of females is a prominent theme throughout the book as such characters like Gillabeth, are treated at a much lower supremacy then males. Gillabeth being quite the dramatic character, can hardly contain herself when it comes to the topic of gender treatment, believing she should be eligible for Supreme Commander, she often rants at Col providing entertainment for the reader, “Only boys can be Supreme Commanders!... but I’m the true Porpentine!”. Even going to school is “To have someone at school to keep a watch on him” and is “Only for the sake of the family”. Gender discrimination is a very real subject and still occurs in the world today, even with these brief outbursts and other female roles, we are educated on the treatment of women in the olden days. Gillabeth is a character who helps make the theme of disrespect of females entertaining and informing. Mr Gibber is another character along with Sir Mormus who promote the theme of morals and ethics. Col and the other students are taught the values of the rules of power, they are sat in order of supremacy and taught the same as we are also taught the make and break of power on the Worldshaker. Mr Gibber teaches the...
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