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Topics: Kenya, Masai Mara, Tanzania Pages: 9 (2707 words) Published: May 14, 2012
African Home Adventure Kenya and Tanzania Safaris is a member of the KENYA ASSOCIATION OF TOUR OPERATORS-PR/459 (KATO). The company was established after a thorough groundwork by professional tour guides and consultants with the objective of not only tourist realizing their dreams but also enriching their holiday with untapped peculiarity. We have a management mode peculiar to our company and have brought together the combination and synergies of seasonal participants in the field of hospitality, public relations and travel industry to develop and deliver the most efficient services possible. We undertake strategic planning and skill necessary to make a difference between just going on a holiday and enjoying a holiday. Our baseline operative mode of basing any theory on practice has enabled us to embrace the use of our technical knowledge, imagination and creativity with subtle details consideration of any case in question making it enjoyably achievable. Our ability and lust to articulate your mission and determine critical success factor in making your dream come true is an impetus to realizing an element of quality services. Our experience garnered after many years of participation in the field to achieve our management style goal carefully and pragmatically assembled:-Fear-less in choosing African Home Adventure Safaris Kenya safaris and Tanzania safaris. PARTNERSHIP.

African Home Adventure Kenya and Tanzania Safaris entered into partnership with Kenya Youth Hostels Association and other hostels around the world as a travel partner setting up travel information centre for its members and attracts benefits to hosteliers. HI members enjoy a discounted tour price of up to 10% on any tour booked through us on presentation of your HI card and by informing the reservation team about your membership with HI hostels. YHA Travel centre offers great deals in Masai Mara Kenya.

Enchoro Wildlife Camp in Masai Mara Game Reserve is a perfect camp with modern touch; all our semi luxury accommodation suites are designed to match the surrounding environment. Accommodation is offered in large spacious tents with hot/cold showers, toilet, spacious changing room, lockers for guest valuables, a writing desk with foldable safari chair and magazines to keep you entertained.....more.... ii. YHA Travel Groups.

-We design, create, contract and operate the type of group tour you want. -Small or large student groups
-Language tour groups.
African Home Adventure Kenya and Tanzania Safaris is in the forefront in the campaign and promotion of responsible tourism and this is evident in our commitment to secure 5% of our company proceeds to help in running various Community Development Programs conducted by Kenya Voluntary and Development Project in Kenya......more.....Welcome – Karibu Sana.

Kenya Travel Information
Full country name: Republic of Kenya
Area: 583,000 sq. km
Population: 32,339,770
Capital city: Nairobi
People: 20% Kikuyu, 14% Luhya, 15% Luo, 12% Kalenjin, 11% Kamba, 6% Kisii, 6% Meru, and 16% other Languages: English, Swahili, indigenous.
Religion: 40% Protestant, 36% Roman Catholic, 16% Muslim, 6% Animist Government: Republic (multiparty state)
President: Emilio Mwai Kibaki
GDP: US$42.4 billion
GDP per head: US$1525
Annual growth: 3 %
Inflation: 2.5%
Major industries: small-scale consumer goods (plastic, furniture, batteries, textiles, soap, cigarettes, flour), agricultural processing, oil refining, cement, tourism Major trading partners: Uganda, Tanzania, UK, Germany, UAE, South Africa FACT FOR TRAVELLERS

Different regulations apply according to nationality and country of origin and should be checked with the nearest tourist office or diplomatic mission. Ensure you have relevant health documents and visa on arrival.NB: Please note that Kenyan and Tanzania Visa can be obtained on arrival at their respective airports and crossing borders on presentation of US$50....
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