Favorite Restuarant

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My Favorite Restaurant
Every year for my birthday we go out as a family to my favorite restaurant, Benihana! For those of you that are ready to have a good time with family or friends this place is definitely the place to go, but it is best to book a reservation ahead of time it isn’t a secret to society. Benihana is an all-time favorite restaurant of mine, with great location, unforgettable entertainment and an excellent menu choice.

Benihana is an all-time favorite restaurant of mine because it is located in the heart of downtown, in the midst of all the city lights and city life. When we go to Benihana we park around the block and get a horse & carriage to take us to the door. Parking is free the carriage is extra. This is an excellent idea for any special occasion or just a date night on the town. The location is convenient to any of the major freeways (I-45, I-10 and 59). Aside from the location, Benihana is an excellent place to go for a fun filled night of entertainment.

I can assure anyone that after an experience at the original Benihana it will be easy to see why I am declaring it to be my favorite restaurant. Benihana has unforgettable entertainment from the moment you walk in. Walking into the restaurant the guest will be greeted by the amazing aroma of some of the best food, laughter and fun for all! The server will take drink orders from each guest and when they come to bring the drink orders, the fun decorated souvenir glass starts out as a unique conversational piece, as the cook prepares the table for even more unforgettable entertainment. At Benihana the food is not only cooked it's choreographed. The chefs will have you craving for more as they slice and dice and chop your meal before your eyes, very skilled and trained, in the art of entertainment or “eater-tainment” as they call it themselves. Each table’s personal chef will perform a uniquely amazing presentation as they cook each guest personal favorites. Everything is cooked right...
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