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Topics: Chemical reaction, Reaction rate, Chemistry Pages: 3 (441 words) Published: December 7, 2010
Factors Affecting Rates of Chemical Reactions

Prepared By: Kelly Gunter

For: Ms. Brohman

Course: SCH-4U


The main purpose of this lab was to investigate how temperature, concentration, the addition of catalysts, and the substitution of a more reactive reactant, can affect the reaction. The collision theory explains that in order for a reaction to occur, reacting particles must collide with one another. An effective collision makes reactants result in a reaction and for to be successful two things must happen, the correct orientation of reactants, and the sufficient collision energy. The orientation of reactants explains that reacting particles must collide with the proper orientation relative to one another, for sufficient collision energy, it explains that the reactants must collide with energy that is sufficient to break the bonds in the reactants and to begin to form the bonds on the products. In part 1 the heat of the collision = the increase of effective collisions resulting in the product, and that the increase of temperature = sufficient energy; or the Ea increases. Part 2 the increase of concentration = the rate increase of the reaction. In part 3 the increase of bonds = decrease of reaction rate.


Refer to handout.


Part 1

| |Hot water Bath |Ice water bath |Room temperature | |Temperature of Solution |77°C |11°C |22°C | |Time for sulphur to appear |6 seconds |140 seconds |79 seconds |

Part 2

|[HCl] Acid Solution |Time (s) for Magnesium Ribbon to disappear | |6.0 mol/L |33 s...
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