Education in a cosmopolitan Society

Topics: Culture, Multiculturalism, Sociology Pages: 3 (792 words) Published: October 20, 2014
Education in a cosmopolitan Society

Multiculturalism is being challenged by new theories of cosmopolitanism. Discuss in relation to education. Theories of multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism have had a profound effect on Australian curriculum and education. Issues such as racism and secularisation have been a prominent feature of discussion in relation to the way it shapes the Australian curriculum and the shaping of our society. Multicultural education has been incorporated into the Australian curriculum since 1983. Rooted into the curriculum were multicultural perspectives and intercultural education, as an attempt to change attitudes towards a multicultural society. “Multiculturalism, in this sense, is ideologically inscribed in the very core of the "new Australia"(Ang, I. & Stratton, 1998). “In Australia as in Canada, multiculturalism is a centrepiece of official government policy, that is, a top-bottom political strategy implemented by the state to improve the inclusion of ethnic minorities within the national culture and to "manage cultural diversity". (Ang, I. & Stratton, 1998) Since its introduction multiculturalism has been a policy that worked to accommodate the needs of immigrants. Multiculturalism became a theory that expressed the personality of the emergent ethno-cultural diversity of society in the final decades of the twentieth century. Although in theory, multiculturalism preaches equality, the development of self-awareness and self-worth, society has been faced with several problems in regards to the practice of multiculturalism in Australian curriculum. Some of these problems stem from the mentality where Social groups stay together and exclude others and also labelling on the basis of stereotypes occurs. It has also seen to have many benefits like the decrease of cultural based racism and an awareness of other cultures. Multicultural policies are constantly challenged and changing in Australia due to emerging cosmopolitan ideas and the...

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