Education in Society

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: September 16, 2013
Kessler Lichtenegger
Mrs. Jackson
English 10
6 May 2013
Education in Society
Twenty-five percent of Americans that start Highschool do not graduate, thirty percent of Highschoolers graduate but do not go to College right after graduation, forty- three percent of students who start college will not graduate in six years.A better longer education leads to a godd life. Education is important to a well rounded society. Education self empowers people, helps with getting a job/career, and theaches people common since/knowlodge.

The fist point as of why education is impotant is it seld empowers people. Recieving a good education help empower one, thus making one strong enough to look after themself in any situation. It is only through knowledge that you can start the questionauthority. It is only then that one can avail your rights asa citizen, and improve in the structual functions of the goveremnt and the economy. It is only through educatation that were one would be able to be succesfully stithe through the social, economical and political society. If one refers to the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding, is a perfect example of that society is better. If the boys did not explore r lean abou the island that they were stranded on they wouldnt have beeb able to work together or function properly. This shows that education self empowers people, maing education important to a society.

Another reason that eduation is important is it helps with getting a job and or starting a career. As of Febuary the unemployment rateof the united states was at 7.77%. This is why a cooleg education is vey imortant and is not to be taken for granted, when faced with choosing between high qualified candidate and a low qualified candidate, the employer will most likely lean towards the more qualified person. Such as the employer will not have to invest as much money and time in training, withg the higher qualified person they already know the tricks and the various ways...
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