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Unit 1 – Internet Based Case Studies.

Activity 1: Beyond Disability and Train World
Compare and contrast the features (characteristics) of these two small businesses. The differences between the two business would be that Train World is out to make a profit whereas the aims of a non for profit business such as Beyond Disability is to give something positive back to the community

Identify the objectives of each business.
The main objectives of Train World might be for a personal reason, social reason or most commonly a financial reason and within these they might have smaller steps to create a bigger goal for themselves and the business. In Beyond Disability their main objective would be to see the school children progress medically but small objectives might involve getting more funding or volunteers

For each business, identify two aspects of their internal environment and two aspects of their external environment. Two of train worlds internal aspects would be who to appoint as manager and how many staff to have on at any given time. Two external aspects would be government regulations and competitors. In beyond disability internal environment examples would be how to manage their volunteers and who would be the manager in the group. External aspects would be things such as how much funding the government give them and how much money they get from the general public

Identify one aspect of either environment that is the same for each business and one that is different for each business One aspect that would be the same would be anything external like economic conditions whereas something different would be internal such as company policy’s

Activity 2: Bruny Island Charters and Tasman Island Cruises

Define the term ‘stakeholders’. Identify at least six stakeholders in this business. Include a mix of stakeholders from the internal and external environments. 6 main stakeholders would be
* Customers
* Suppliers
* Competitors...
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