Dove's Firming Cream: The Truth About Beauty

Topics: Woman, Human skin color, Female Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: February 21, 2014
Amanda Horne
February 2, 2014
Eng. 111-0L3
Dove’s Firming Cream: The Truth About Beauty
Dove’s attempt to communicate through advertising is vividly displayed in this advertisement for their new firming body lotion but this advertisement not only attempts to show real beauty, it also attempts to do so through techniques of visual persuasion that utilize mainly pathos, ethos, and logo’s. The Real Truth About Beauty: A Global Report aims to change the standard of beauty in the world and act as a catalyst for change in society through means of communication such as advertisements, and funds to help females.       The advertisement's depiction of diverse women who appear to be everyday members of society instead of digitally enhanced, conventional supermodels demonstrates the ad's use of pathos to entice average consumers to buy the firming lotion.  Women today are accustomed to seeing stick thin, young, seemingly perfect women strewn across advertisements.  In reality, not every woman can have the "perfect" body, a flawless complexion, or an absolutely symmetrical face, leading to feelings of low self-worth and diminished self-esteem.  By placing average women in their advertisement, Dove is trying to tell every woman that the way they are now, including their curves, flaws, and imperfections, is beautiful.  Dove is saying that women with some weight on their hips and extra flesh on their stomachs are beautiful enough to be in advertisements and that Dove's product is made for such women who want to maintain their beautiful bodies.  By placing women of diverse backgrounds with varying skin tones in their ad, Dove is also making a statement that no matter what a woman's origin or ethnicity is, they are beautiful in their own, unique way.  These messages appeal to women's need to be reassured that their body, skin tone, and overall physical appearance are attractive.  By putting imperfect, unique women in their advertisements, Dove is visually telling their...
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