Demonstrative Communication

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Demonstrative Communication: Talking Without Words
 Demonstrative Communication: Talking without words
Glynis Coy
Business Communication and Critical Thinking BCOM/275
February 18, 2013

Demonstrative communication is a way of expressing a message without using words.  It’s conveyed by both nonverbal and unwritten communication which can include body language, facial expressions, and other forms of communication not expressed verbally.  Body language is one strong example of nonverbal communication often used in demonstrative communication.  Evaluating someone’s body language can be a way of evaluating if the intended message was received and understood.  Demonstrative communication can be both effective and ineffective while delivering a message, depending on the sender and receiver. There are many factors in which demonstrative communication can have a positive or negative effect on delivering the message.  One’s body language can play a part in the determining if the effect on the message is positive or negative by analyzing the body language of the receiver.  In this paper it is intended to provide examples of how demonstrative communication is used and what effects it has on the sender and receiver.

Demonstrative Communication: Talking without words
Nonverbal communication is a form of demonstrative communication that  plays an important role in the deliverance of a message.  Nonverbal communication does not involve any type of direct communication verbally.   

One example of nonverbal communication is body language.  Body language plays a big part in nonverbal communication and is used to evaluate whether an intended message is received in a positive or negative manner.  A person can relay a message effectively by agreeing or disagreeing with what is communicated, or if they are actively engaged with the conversation by using different types of body language. Folding one's arms during the message the sender is speaking for...
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