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Delegation Opportunities and Responsibilities

Branndie N. Garland

Western Governors University

As nurses delegation is part of our everyday practice. In this particular case study the Nurse Practitioner, Ms. W, is trying to facilitate every part of the patient’s care on her own. It is important that when we care for patient we use what is called an interdisciplinary team. This team would consist of professionals specializing in different areas of healthcare from education to social work. It’s important to have a well-rounded interdisciplinary team to make sure that the patient, Ms. R, is getting well-rounded, excellent care.

Promoting Interdisciplinary Care
As a new supervisor in the clinic I would use a couple of different tools to encourage the use of interdisciplinary care. The first step to promoting any change is education. I would educate my staff about the current resources and support that are available from within the clinic. It is possible that staff members aren’t utilizing support from within the clinic because they are not aware of them. Another step would be rounding to see staff members and asking them about and patients with special complications or issues and seeing if I could guide them to the proper referrals. If the in-clinic support is insufficient it is still important to seek outside resources to provide our patients with the resources they need. Also it is important as a supervisor that my staff felt like they could talk with me with confidentiality, comfortability, and without fear. I would have an open door policy to help my staff and guide them to giving their patients the best education and resources available to promote quality outcomes.

Delegation and Teamwork
The best approach as a supervisor to take to use with staff members is one of support. It is important that your staff feels that you are approaching them in a positive and supportive manner to help them give patients the best care and not in a criticizing...

References: Weydt, A., (May 31, 2010) "Developing Delegation Skills" OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing Vol. 15, No. 2, Manuscript 1.
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