Daniel Boorstin Evaluation

Topics: Wisdom, Experience, Need Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: May 14, 2012
Intensify reality
Daniel Boorstin, an American professor, historian, writer, and attorney, is highly celebrated for his publications that classify him as an old fashioned patriot. However, Boorstin believed that Democracy and technology had consequential effects on an American’s experiences. Also, that the problems society faces are from the success of society than its failures. Boorstin uses four consequences to determine the relationship between success that technology and democracy have with each other: attenuation, or the decline of poignancy (391), decline of congregation, or new segregation (396), new determinism, or the rising sense of momentum (397), and the belief in solutions. Boorstin believed that we need to think about a process, not about a condition, and the two sides of what is needed in order to change away from problems.

On one side what is needed there is prudence and wisdom; the other side of our need is poetry and imagination (401) Prudence gives need for a sense of history and wisdom to not be drawn into passing fads and fanaticism ideals. Poetry and imagination have to deal with keeping the exploring spirit alive by not sacrificing the possibilities of the unknown for repeating, predictable surroundings. (401) Boorstin’s ending point, “The Promise of American democracy, I suggest, depends on our ability to stay at sea, to work together in community while we all reach to the open horizon” brings his views altogether, which express that technology and democracy may be changing how we interpret experiences, but if we work together then we can find new experiences or different technologies to “un-democratize” our view of the world. Today, Boorstin’s view that American experiences have become attenuated is wrong Looking at a picture of the Great Wall of China is not a way to experience the nation’s landmark. It is though, like other pictures, a way to have a visual aid so that common knowledge can grow throughout society. When photograph are...
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