Topics: Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok, Cowboy Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: June 7, 2012
3.Leather skin
4.Worn out clothes
5.Middle aged males
8.5 o’clock shadow
9.Glow of the campfire on a tired face
10.Wide open ranges
A bad man and lawman- Burton Alvord was originally the son of a justice of peace and was appointed Deputy Sherriff at the age of 20. He had the change of heart and joined a gang. The gang was put in jail and he shot the guard to free the 25 members. It was then that he went from a lawman to a bad man. A woman of the west- Annie Oakley’s real name was Phoebe Moses. She could shoot the head off of a running quail by the time she was 12. She could out-shoot any guns man before her time. Showbiz Cowboy- Wild Bill Hickok left his home to go explore the Oregon Trail. He heard many cowboy stories, but later learned that most of them where made up. He figured he would make his own show called “The Daring Buffalo Chase of the Plains”. He show failed though and so he joined Buffalo Bill Cody’s show. Cowboy and Western Facts- Cowboys would walk for hours along trail or spend days in a saddle. Their point was to herd cattle from one farm to another along trails that went on for miles. They usually had 2,500 to 4,000 cattle a time. Each herd had about 8 to 10 cowboys working on it.

Cowboy Poem-
Im a Cowboy by day
And a red-eye drinker by night
Im not just a normal buckaroo
Im the best bronco buster out there
All the Wranglers fear me
Because I always win in a draw
The horses obey me
Or else they’ll get whipped by big old Bob
Im lean and im mean
And a fighting machine
You cross my path and you'll be out
If someone steals my muleys
I say hasta LA vista and bam…
They’ve gone over the range
And I've got all there cattle and jam
So here's fair warning
If you ever see me around
Don't look at me cross-eyed
Or you might end up like the man in the ground.
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