Corporal Punishment.

Topics: Education, Punishments, Mobile phone Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: April 9, 2014
They say that the school is a child’s second home and the teachers are our second parents. Even if that is the case, would students let these teachers discipline them? Students expect good quality education and not a good smack in the face. Corporal Punishment is a popular act in schools which serves as punishment for students that misbehave and cause trouble to the teacher. I believe that Corporal punishment is a practice that should not be used on children whether it is for discipline or personal purposes. Even if Corporal punishment has been banned from public schools all over the Philippines, teachers still perform this act, physically and verbally especially to young students who are still not aware. This practice may develop trauma in the child and might not focus on their studies well because of their fear, especially those who have never experienced physical discipline from their own family members. Children are children, they need to learn and go hardships in life, especially school, but even though, they have their rights. They have their right to study, then why is it called a right if students, especially those who are very young, have to go through physical punishments? Not only does a teacher lift a hand on student, they may lift sticks, canes, brooms and belts as well. This kind of discipline, instead of helping their behavior, will leave a mark on the child, literally. Sometimes, these abusive teachers punish their students with the use of their voice themselves. This lowers a child’s self-esteem; students lose their confidence, even if they just commit a simple mistake. These kinds of teachers should discipline their students through more harmless ways, for example, taking one-on-one sessions with the student instead of humiliating the child in front of his or her classmates. Rather than hitting the child, there is also reverse psychology. For example, a student in class, knowing cell phones are not allowed during lecture, would use the gadget,...
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