Conflicts Involve a Clash of Ideas, Interests and Expectations.

Topics: Graham Greene, The Quiet American, Ideology Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: May 28, 2013
The vast amount of causes for conflict and the ambiguity of each reaches an overwhelming total. The sort of a particular conflict is highly dependent on why the conflict has occurred, as individuals posses differing core values and beliefs. Conflict is born when aspects of individuals or groups clash. There are infinite aspects that make up an individual, but three remain prominent when it comes to tracing where conflict has originated from. Ideas, interests, and hopes or expectations of an individual are all integral factors that can lead to both small and large scale conflict.

Although ideas are intangible, they can create tangible and forceful conflict. Ideas can be any pattern of thought that our mind is concentrated on, whether this relates to left hemispheric analysis of information, or right hemispheric abstract thought, ideas underlie in all activity in our minds. Conflict can often be a result of a clash of political ideology. These ideological conflicts can be small scaled and result in political debates, or in contrast, they can result in colossal wars as we’ve seen in the past century. This is as true in literature as much as life. Graham Greene proves this notion in his allegoric novel The Quiet American, as he draws upon political ideologies and represents these through the characters in the novel. Greene places the characters within the context of Indochina War, and presents relationships of the characters symbolically to represent the circumstances of the war. Alden Pyle’s idealism is motivated by interventionism in a Third World country’s affairs; this is a emblematic representation of what Greene himself had seen in his lifetime. Greene uses the character Thomas Fowler to represent the ‘old colonialist’ wisdom that questions Pyle’s justification for the violence he causes. Fowler’s reluctance to become more deeply involved in the war creates inner conflict due his belief that Pyle is committing horrific wrongdoings. In addition, the...
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